Love in the Afternoon. Worlds Without End.

If any of that seems familiar, that’s because I remain obsessed with a dying genre: soap operas. I love the passion and the family turmoil and the celebrations and the heartache. I love the tropes. I’m so down with the secret baby doppelganger who’s suffering from amnesia after an accident left her in a wheelchair—robbing her of the man she loves because he left her for the conniving man-eater.

You’ll find a little of that in my upcoming Pennview Valley series, though I’m taking a more down-to-earth approach, I swear.

My mom has a picture of two-year-old me sitting beside my grandmother with a book in my hands. The book was upside down, but you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t reading. Grandma was a huge fan of Harlequin romances, the Presents line being her favorite. My love affair with books began as I started sneaking those little gems off her shelves.

By the time I was a teenager I was spending most of my time with the likes of Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Christopher Pike, and hadn’t thought a lot about romance in a long time. That was, until I ran across the old Sterling/MacFadden (later Dorchester Media) “confession” mags. I loved the format—a woman’s first-person tale of love, misery, or hope—and jumped in headfirst, reading them from cover to cover until I believed I was ready to write one.

In 2001 I sold my first story. During the next decade I would contribute dozens of tales—some heartfelt, some lurid—to magazines such as True Story, Bronze Thrills, True Confessions, and Black Romance. Several of my articles appeared within their pages, as well. Within a few years I was selling erotic romances to publishers Loose Id, Liquid Silver Books, and Siren Publishing, among others.

When you visit me you’ll find a mix of contemporary women’s fiction, romance, and suspense. I will admit to having flights of fancy that steer me toward futuristic and paranormal stories set in diverse dimensions, so I hope you won’t be too surprised to see them pop up occasionally. Heck, I’m always surprised, but never mind. In the past I wrote under various names to keep my genre-jumping separated. These days, I can’t be bothered. Sexy, creepy or inspirational—they’re all stories I like to tell, so be forewarned. I’m good about posting content advisories to help you avoid triggers.

I love to chat. Contact me so we can get acquainted.