In this scandalous series, Pennview residents confess their wildest secrets!

Ronda works hard to shape her boyfriend Jason into the type of man she wants to marry. Things are working out until Tawny, a rich girl used to getting what she wants, decides Ronda’s boyfriend will be her next conquest.

Just like that, Jason is gone—leaving Ronda bitter, broken, and bent on revenge. When the duo announce Tawny’s pregnancy and their engagement, Ronda goes into a tailspin.

On the night Tawny’s child is born Ronda drives to the hospital and does the unthinkable. She wants her rival to know how it feels to lose someone she loves…

Small Town Secrets #1


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RELEASE DATE: November 11, 2020



When the cops showed up, I refused to speak. I didn’t even tell them my name. I’d watched enough Law & Order to know I was too stupid to not incriminate myself. Whatever case they built against me would have to be based on camera footage and eyewitness accounts. I would do nothing to assist them.

At the police station, they placed me in one of those rooms for interrogation. Did I mention I wasn’t talking? Yeah. I stuck to that. I said nothing when they threatened me with hard time. I said nothing when they implied they’d go easy on me.

Four hours later, I maintained my right to remain silent even after they brought me a cheeseburger, fries, and a soda. I said nothing, but ate every last drop of my food.

That’s when they got smart and upped the stakes. At precisely two in the morning, nearly six hours after the “unfortunate incident”–that’s what I’m calling it, by the way—the door to the interrogation room opened and an angel appeared before me.

Okay, so I may have exaggerated a little. This cop was definitely no angel, but he certainly could have played one on TV. He was tall, exactly the way I like them, at over six-feet. His dark eyes—like pools of chocolate—scanned me thoroughly. His dewy skin was sun-kissed perfection over chiseled cheekbones that could cut glass.

He sat across from me and smiled. “Ronda, I’m Lieutenant Dan Rodriguez. I wondered if you’d be open to speaking with me about an incident that took place at Pennview Medical Center.”

See? He’d called it “the incident” too. He’s a smart dude. I already liked him, but most of that was because he’s cute and I was horny. No sex in nine months had made me a very horny girl.

I said nothing.

After repeating the Miranda warning I’d been read earlier, he clasped his hands together. “Look, it seems you’ve been having a rough time over the last year. We all get stressed, Ronda. We all make mistakes. Believe it or not, I’m here to help. I just need to know what happened so we can decide the best way to proceed.

“I know you think staying quiet is the best way to go about this, but I’m here to tell you from years of experience, that talking early will save you lots of grief.” He leaned forward, his tone hushed and conspiratorial. “You don’t want to piss off the wrong people, Ronda. See me? I’m pretty easygoing. But if they’d sent another detective in here, one with less empathy, well, that could have caused a big mess. If you’re willing to explain what happened, I promise to smooth things over with the district attorney.”

I snorted so hard the hot cop reared back in his chair. I’d heard that speech dozens of times on various cop shows. He had gotten to me, though—just not in the way he had anticipated. “I’d like to speak with an attorney.”

Lieutenant Rodriguez stood and left the room without uttering another word.

I expected to be escorted to a jail cell soon. I certainly wasn’t looking forward to that. Except … Pennview was a pretty nice town. The town’s police blotter was awash in petty thefts, fights, and drunk and disorderly calls. Nothing too crazy, normally. I said normally. There are times when the residents can get kinda weird. Kidnappings, murders, and international crime rings kinda weird. But as I said before, that’s rare…

If I’m lucky, I thought, I might be the worst lowlife in the holding pen tonight.